S3V Protocol Training Videos are a Patent-Pending educational tool developed by Dr. Moe to help enhance training of doctors who are practicing MMT and learning MMT protocols.

These videos are taught by Dr. Moe himself, and offer the viewer 3 different views so as to help educate and teach the proper ways to perform MMT protocols. By using GoPro Camera technology, viewers get to experience a 1st-Person View, a 3rd-Person View and an animated view to ensure that doctors get all of the information and instrument placements correct.

The best part is that these 3V Protocol Training Videos are available for doctors in the MMT program to watch remotely. These can be viewed online from the comfort of your home or office.

Want to see the 3V Protocol Training Videos in action? Check out the 5 promotional protocols that we’ve posted for you to sample below!

Examples of MMT Protocols

Hip-knee Burst

Shoulder Front 90

Hip-Knee Jump

Elbow 90 Rool In/Out

Cervical Rotation

Examples of MMT Protocols

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