New Patient Strategy

New Patients are something that every chiropractic practitioner struggles with. Multiple companies offer you the solutions to address the new patient struggles. The true question is, how many of these companies are actually run and designed by people that have actually felt the struggle – real CHIROPRACTORS!

That’s where the Grow With Dr. Moe program is different. It is founded and created by Dr. Maurice Pisciottano – a real chiropractor with real experience in running a chiropractic practice.

This isn’t only because of the problem of employing a pencil to write, but also because the majority of us do read about not have any idea on how best to do it.

Securing new patients and driving new business into your office can be one of the most frustrating and difficult tasks in having your practice be successful. Where are you going to get new patients? Are you only trying to get referrals? What kind of external marketing have you tried? Are you on a limited budget?

There are dozens of factors that go into obtaining new patients, and while there is no set way to do this, there is also no standardized system that helps every chiropractor achieve the results they are are looking for. ​

At least, there was no standardized system.​

Dr. Maurice Pisciottano and Dr. Frank Corbo (also a chiropractor) teamed up to form the 939 New Patient Machine.

The 939 New Patient Machine is a revolutionary web-based software that allows chiropractors to have access to 27 different procedures that are designed to be implemented and help you – the doctor – consistently get 9 new patients each and every week.

What would 9 new patients each and every week do for your office?

The 939 New Patient Machine utilizes 3 marketing divisions – Internal, Digital and External. Each division has 3 methods, and each method has 9 procedures.

What’s great about the 939 New Patient Machine and its procedures is that each procedure gives you a step-by-step implementation process and checklist so that you can properly integrate each into your practice.

The 939 New Patient Machine also takes it a step further.

If a procedure calls for a brochure, letter or email, it’s built in for you and automatically customized for your office. That’s right, no need to hire a graphic esigner or writer or marketing specialist. For less than the cost of a new employee for a month, you have everything ready and waiting at your fingertips.

All you have to do is follow the checklist.

While the 939 New Patient Machine will get you 9 new patients weekly, it only takes one per month to pay for the system.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with the 939 New Patient Machine today!